Touch the Heart of Children, Elderly, Homeless and Military Troops

Join in and support the launch of a new and unique way to reach out to those in need.

Companies and individuals will be sponsoring a continual flow of messages of hope and inspiration to children, adults and elderly who are in healthcare facilities. There are also programs for the homeless and military troops abroad.

Take a few moments to preview ‘Scrolls of Hope’ before the site is in full force.

Sponsors feature Page

  • Each listing will have
  • sponsorship level
  •  company logo or image
  • description of the company
  •  links to a website and social media account

If video, photos or notifications of the delivery of your sponsored package become available, we will post them on the ‘Scrolls of Hope’ blogs and Facebook with mention of your sponsorship.

A thank you note is also included in the package to give recipients an opportunity to express their thanks when possible.  All thank you notes will also be posted on the ‘Scrolls of Hope’ website with acknowledgment.

Visit and find out: What Is ‘Scrolls of Hope’?

Also visit the affiliated sites that share the same mission: Connection through communication. They are Personalized Treasure Scrolls and The InterGalactic Messengers. You will enjoy exploring these sites as well.

Call 631-892-4187 for more information or to become a Scrolls of Hope Partner.

Proceeds go to the creation and distribution of your personalized message scrolls and caring gifts.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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