The Intergalactic Story – Part 1

Welcome all who have come to hear The Intergalactic Story. My name is Lady Josephine Boteilli. I am the first InterGalactic Messenger, born of original stardust from the creation of the Universe.

But, before the universe was created there was only the idea of a universe. This idea was the first THOUGHT ever. The idea grew and grew by envisioning all the things needed to build the universe. The idea was thoughtful and filled with hope and love. These thoughts were the first, the strongest, and proved to be everlasting. The thoughts were so intense that they actually had weight and magnitude. It was like an over filled water balloon ready to explode. Along with hope and love the balloon was filling with imagination, creativity, expression, and communication. The pressure kept building until the fabric of the balloon burst with jubilation. Quicker than a blink of an eye, all the fundamental elements: matter, energy, space and time filled the interspaces of the new universe. As the universe settled, all the ingredients needed to form the moons, planets, stars, and galaxies appeared. The magic of communication became the glue and gravity upon which all things would be held together.

I, Lady Josephine Boteilli, was bestowed with the honor of being the Keeper of Communication. With the knowledge of truth and understanding, good communication is the positive side of the spectrum of all life. As long as all life stays connected all is good throughout the galaxies. This helps maintain universal balance.

To uphold this honor I swore myself into delivering the hopes and dreams to all who entrusted me. Flawless precision, integrity, and honor are just some of the purposes of my quest. I knew that I needed help to get this great quest accomplished and I also knew where to look…

Within Stardust, there is the magic of the formless luminosity. Formless luminosity is the intelligence that makes all things possible. It is the original thought of hope, love, imagination, creativity, expression, and communication that is found within the original stardust. This stardust has the special magical qualities that form InterGalactic Messengers.

I was granted the ability to find this powerful stardust. As the stars and galaxies formed each messenger came into being. I sought them out one by one over the millennia of time. As each one joined the quest the InterGalactic Messenger Federation was established.

Intergalactic Story Part 2

Now the IGM Federations quest has reached the Milky Way galaxy. We are here with two missions; first, to connect everyone in this galaxy with the power of Formless Luminosity, and second, to find the ones that will lead this quest with absolute certainty, for this is the essence of an InterGalactic Messenger. This is a beacon, a calling out to all of those with the ability to make the universal difference. True messengers will answer their call to action.

Let us find out who the InterGalactic Messengers are. Close your eyes and visualize your family, friends or pets. See the home and town you live in. Think about the world, galaxy or universe. Is there something you could do in your life to make these things better? Do any of these thoughts create an emotion inside you? Have you ever wanted to have or do something so strongly that you could not get it out of your mind? Think really hard about it. Have you ever accomplished something that means a lot to you? How do you think you could get or accomplish something to make things better? Try to feel the warmth growing deep within your stomach as you picture these things. That feeling is Formless Luminosity glowing inside of you.

People that make a difference are the ones who understand this. They use this feeling to show their courage and willingness to take a chance. They embrace the greatness that’s down deep inside and do something about it without fear of failure. These are the heroes and people of goodwill that expose their hearts to the world. They push their fear aside to find solutions. They don’t just merely feed the poor; they enable the poor to feed themselves. They don’t stand by and leave someone stranded, they go out and carve a path for them. They don’t complain about war and strife, they live in peace and love to lead by example and inspire others to do the same. They are the leaders. They are the ones who make a difference. They are the InterGalactic Messengers that are here on this planet. This is what you are capable of, it is greatness that is seeded deep inside you. Finding you is our purpose.

To help you on your quest to make a change, the IGM Federation has created a framework as a plan of action. You will find this throughout the pages of the InterGalactic Messenger website Take some time and explore. It is filled with ideas that can make a change in the universe. To get your creativity flowing it is also full of fun activities for you to do and share with others. The intention is to spark your imagination as to how we can all work together like the IGM Federation. To be a leader it takes many small acts of random kindness to create an effect. This is my purpose, to show you where to start.

Be well, have gratitude and spread goodwill