365 Days of Positive

We started 2018 with the intent to write 365 Days of Positive. Positive what, we did not know. For the most part, we keep up with our goal only occasionally swayed by life’s unexpected turns.

Yet, we kept writing our thoughts and feelings each day that we could. To what end we wondered. For one thing, we learned we could do learn to do something impactful for ourselves and spirit. The activity also helped us make new connections with others with the same drive, to live a good life and possibly inspire others.

Our endeavor for 365 Days of Positive has been both a spiritual and academic journey. Neither of us was a practiced writer, journalist or author. We truly learned to write the best we can about how we feel. Life being the challenge that it is had taken a bit of a toll. Writing these entries has helped revitalized our soul and kept us on a better path of self-discovery. It also cemented our conviction that compassion and understanding for others are quintessential for a fulfilling life.

Each entry has been inspired by our life, something we heard or what we were feeling in the moment.

Was it a challenge? Yes.
Was it worth the effort? Definitely.

Whatever we say, write or do…
Every expression is right from the heart.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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