Positively a Challenge

Our 365 Days of Positive was a journey of personal growth, taken by our own accord and choice. So many things were gained as we actually grew younger in our minds expressing our daily feelings. Sometimes we did not feel positive when we started to write each day. Yet, often ended up feeling inspired to have a good day.

There are so many philosophies in life, and depending on the day some make more sense than others. Every day is different, but the direction remains the same. If we can find inspiration and peace in our heart, the path is a little more clear.

As we wrote our 365 days of positive, sometimes we fell behind. We did not take this to heart. Although it bugged us, we kept up to the task, and truly enjoyed the activity.

One thing we learned is, although the path may not be straight or direct, we can stay somewhat happy in all that we do. This way, we can have an appreciation for a clear vision from time to time and embrace those moments.

After completing 365 days of Positive, we realized a year is just a drop in the bucket of time. We now can say that life is more than just a daily challenge, it is an accumulation of extraordinary experiences.

A good lesson we have learned in the appreciation of life is that sharing happiness with others is essential to a beautiful lifetime.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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