Being Human or Human Being

Finding the Being in the Human

Lifeforce has no weight. A living body of 150 pounds still weighs 150 pounds immediately after the lifeforce has moved on to better pastures.

We have lost many loved ones, even after we have mourned them, we still miss them dearly. In each of their passings, there have been similarities. As they approached the moment of the end of their life, there was a sense of peace and calm. It was as if they learned about a new found secret. As each passed, it was as if they were opening their ‘human’ car door and merely getting out of the car.

Although this has been our personal experience, we are not sure if this is always the case. We hope that despite the journey to life’s end, peaceful or fierce, all have this moment of calm knowingness or realization that there is something more.

In a reflection of this, we think about how much time we spend being human. Taking care of a body, getting stuff, and doing, doing, doing. The cycle of it all is exhausting and never-ending. At the times of our losses, we have all our loved one’s physical memorabilia that they have collected. These are the things that meant so much to them which might not have as much value to us.

Thinking back, we remember them working so diligently to collect all these things. They also spent a lot of their time creating a comfortable environment for everyone they loved. They worked so hard throughout their life that they were often left with just enough energy at the end of the day to plop down in front of the television and doze off.

Well, that’s all folks or is it?

We certainly hope not. Currently, we have been turning our attention to the being in the human. We have questions galore about the weightless puppet master of life. This lifeforce is everywhere we look, plants, animals, and yes humans. Some of this stuff is still and quiet, while some of it is animated, moving and thinking.

This post is not about theology, and there is a lot to be said about omnipresence. Although we may not have found the supreme being, with faith, we have hope. The discovery of our spirit has been our focus. The soul of the being in humans burns bright and intense.

Faith, Love, Creativity & Compassion in self-discovery brings us closer in harmony with the expression of ‘I Am.’ This indeed is a Positive development.

We will follow the warm glow we feel inside. The hope is to find an understanding of the purpose of everything we are feeling. Our dream is to know we are so much more than just human.


Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

Human Being

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