Get Ready for the Love

To love … or to be loved

Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to do both

8 creative ways to say, “I Love You”

  1. Little Love Notes – write down everything that is great about the one you love. Include a poem of love that expresses the depth of your affections. Put your ‘gift of love’ in a cute little box.
  2. Make a scrapbook – On each page express why you are in love and why you are thankful every day for your relationship with him/her.
  3. The scavenger hunt of love – Hide little love notes around the house where your love will find them throughout the year. On Valentine’s Day present a “treasure map” and a little treasure box for each note found to be placed.
  4. A candlelight dinner for two at home – Avoid the distraction of a noisy restaurant. Order from your favorite restaurant set the atmosphere with candles and soft music. Enjoy a quite lovely meal together.
  5. A special getaway – Find a lovely resort or hotel, take the weekend the enjoy each other’s company, turn off the cell phones.
  6. A dozen roses of dates – On each stem attach a note for a date night plan, Go to a movie, Go to a musical, See a play etc.
  7. Loving in a box – Included “new sleep shorts for him or a new nightgown for her, a box of chocolate-covered strawberries, some scented candles, and a romantic CD.
  8. Daily messages of love – Starting on February 1st, Send postcards, Letters, or Messages in a bottle with love notes or messages of remembrance.

Embrace the love on February 14, but remember: Continue your affection throughout the year. As the distraction of daily life consumes your attention, take a moment every day to say “I love you” in words or in some special way to that special someone.


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