Principles in Commerce through Goodwill: An Interview

Principles in Commerce: An Interview

Question: What is the basic premise for your new websites?
Answer: The foundation of our website, the basis of our mission statement is, “spreading goodwill one scroll at a time.” For the most part as a society, we have grand avenues of communication with each other. We want to help people use these avenues to express heartfelt communication and share good feelings towards each other. Since our connection is the element which binds us together, we feel this is an excellent place to start.

Question: How will spreading good will one scroll at a time do this?
Answer: Our vision has a fun way to reconnect people and spread goodwill. We hope this intriguing way to communicate will further grow caring connections between one another. By doing this, we can increase awareness of each other and inevitably create more united humanity.

Question: Is this a non-profit or charitable organization?
Answer: No, we have embarked on a new form of business called social entrepreneurship.

The Social Entrepreneur

Question: What is social entrepreneurship?
Answer: A business structure with an innovative idea toward the betterment of all that will be able to sustain itself financially generating income to support itself. In this way, it is not charity or a non-profit organization.

Question: What lead to this business model?
Answer: Throughout our business adventures and trials and tribulations, we found that the basis of many business ventures is about “Making Money” to survive. They were all riddled with an intense competitive mindset and stress. We decided that we wanted to be in a business that focused on thought, principles, and connection. Through a lot of soul-searching, self-reflection, and research an idea presented itself.

Question: So, is feeling good about yourself as important as creating an income?
Answer: Yes, during our intense search we wanted to have a business that could fulfill us spiritually as well as generate income to sustain the website and give visitors of the site the best experience possible from beginning to end. It took a long time, lots of research and evolved as we set the foundations and standards for the type of business we wanted to have.

The Purpose

Question: What is the basis of your new business?
Answer:“Connection through Good Communication.” The idea started with us and how we felt we could exist better within this concept. Then we reached out to our children, families, and friends. Everyone agreed and had a lot of enthusiasm which formulated the framework to create a means to support the idea. This vision ultimately formed our business plan and mission statement.

Question: Are you very social in general?
Answer: Actually, not so much. We are a little shy about social interaction. But, when help is needed, often we are the first on the scene.

Question: How does the organization generate income?
Answer: The various created websites, all of which carry the same theme “Connection Through Good Communication,” provide the means to support themselves and naturally the organization as well.

Question: What was the date of the idea?
Answer: It took a while for this idea to come. For years we searched and contemplated about what we wanted to do instead of our current business. We were in a high-pressure business which took a lot of our time and energy. During one of our runs, my wife said to me,” I want you to be thankful for all we have and have had in the past. Then I want you to come up with a new business idea. It would be great if it could align with our creative and non-competitive nature.” About one and a half miles into my run the idea came to mind. This idea formulated on the evening of August 20, 2015.

The Creation

Question: How long did it take to put this all together?
Answer: With the help of our family and friends, the process took about two years. The first year we did the research and created the ideas for the websites. In the second year, we designed the websites and procedures. As we did this, we also fine-tuned the concepts and established products that would support each site and the mission. All three websites should get launched towards the end of December 2018.

Question: What is your goal for this “Social Entrepreneurial” business venture?
Answer: In the short term we genuinely hope our efforts create a self-perpetual movement for the greater good. We look forward to hearing input and the opinions of others. It would be nice to create a “Mastermind” that linked people together. The long-term goal is harder to say for sure. We once heard a lecture alluding to life as if it were a drive down a dark country road at night. You can only see so far ahead. To continue moving forward down the unpredictable highway requires faith, perseverance, and purpose. We will keep on this road and meet each turn and its surprises with great enthusiasm. This spirit is the true nature of an entrepreneur and an InterGalactic Messenger.


Social entrepreneurship defined: Social entrepreneurship is about applying practical, innovative and sustainable approaches that benefit society.

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