The Magic Garden and the Seeds of Promise

Feed a Young Spirit the Seeds of Affection

365 Days of positiveWe are the seeds of possibility, born into the fertile soil called a lifetime. Each of us comes into this world with different skill sets and a wide variety of unique characteristics. Like all life forms, we grow to the degree we receive nutrients. For humans, these nutrients are in the way of food, water, love, and knowledge.

Even if life starts out rough, we can overcome anything our youth denied us. This tenacity is our magical essence inside. Fed poorly, we can improve our health by eating well, and the body will heal. With lack of education, we can learn all through our lives enhancing our mind. If mistreated, we can find love through forgiveness. These are the steps that find the strength to overcome and develop into an unstoppable dynamic force.

Our life is a garden of promise. As we plant the seeds of possibility, so shall we reap the rewards of our efforts.

365 Days of PositvePut the past behind where it belongs. It is not to our benefit to take the regrets of the past to shape our future. Moving forward with self-love will make creating a ‘Magic Garden’ quick. The real power that’s hidden inside is faith in self.

As we plant our garden and tend our dreams, we will use the nourishment of positivity and love as our ambitions begin to grow.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

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