The Ultimate Renewable Energy Source

renewable EnergyEach day as we listen and re-listen to inspirational speakers or read inspirational messages, our energy becomes supercharged. It is like we are absorbing other peoples energy they shared through their words. The powerful energy we absorb is shared with everyone we talk with during the day.

As we share this extraordinary power with each person, they feel charged up and can pass it forward to the next. Unlike sharing an apple or piece of cake this energy never diminishes, it has the same positive charge as it moves from person to person like a game of hot potato. With the added strength of each that we touch, the synergy increases infinitely.

It seems to us that this is the name of the new game. Make others feel supercharged, giving them inspirations to take their world head-on. Never wasted as this renewable energy source is passed from one person to the next growing stronger with each new person it touches. As the world begins to settle into a state of love and peace, we will know it had something to do with the good feeling that started with a short inspirational moment that spread out to all.

Compassion, inspiration, and kindness, given away freely in each meeting or encounter could have a magnificent effect. Each day we continue to aspire to get super-charged then we can share the good feelings in everything we do and sharing it with everyone we know.

Spread loveWake up every day and remember that ‘WE ARE ALL’ the Ultimate Renewable Energy Source

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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