As You Wish

These are magic words full of love and creation. If the world can be ‘As You Wish’ would all be right in the universe. Certainly, we all want everything ‘As We Wish,’ but definitely not all at the same time. This is where patience comes into play. Everything we wish can come true with a little patience and calm, steady and thoughtful action.

Of course, our desire cannot take away from others and must not hurt others. Some stipulations need to be considered like not treading feeling of others. Though, we are not bound upon others believes, consideration, or ideas, we do need to avoid hurting others lifestyles or trust. If we just follow the golden rule, treat others as you would like them to treat you, our boundaries will be apparent.

In as far as effort goes, this is also very easy to apply. Did you ever want something so intensely that you would do anything to get it and you did? That’s about it. The problem that slows down advancement is when you’re working towards something you really don’t want or changed your mind about. Another issue which can impede progress is believing whether or not something is attainable.

Well, that didn’t stop earthlings from getting to the moon or exploring the outer reaches of the universe. Let’s think of a more manageable goal, like a loving family, a peaceful life or an abundance of stuff to enjoy. All this is attainable with the right application of will, passion, and effort.

Everything is ‘As You Wish,’ we all just need to be careful about the wish.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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