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Know Something is a Good Idea Requires a bit of Soul Searching

Dave has some understanding about the benefits of the new energy-saving lightbulbs. Back in 2003, our mailing business was housed in a warehouse, and the office area had many high-hat light fixtures which required standard light bulbs. We were buying lightbulbs a┬ácase at a time and replacing them regularly. To replace a light bulb, we’d have to get out the ladder, get a lightbulb, take out the old bulbs and put in the new bulb, throw out the old bulb and put away the ladder. Some light fixtures were above desks, so that created more challenges.

fluorescent light bulbincandescent light bulbLuckily the new fluorescent long-lasting bulbs came out. At first, we were not sold on the idea that they would last any longer, so of course, we did a test. We bought about 6 of these bulbs, dated them and tested how long they would last. WOW, they lasted a long time. As we used up our supply of the old lightbulbs, we slowly replaced them with the new ones.

LED Light BulbOvertime as better and better lightbulbs became available we tested and used them as well. The incandescent bulbs could last for about 6 months if we were lucky. Compact fluorescent light bulbs could last about three years. The new LED bulbs seem to last for many, many years. Since we started using LED bulbs, it’s difficult to remember the last time we changed a lightbulb. So why is this so important in our 365 Days of Positive.

Is Anyone Really Ever ‘Right’?

knowledgeDuring one of our nightly walks on the beach, we overheard a lady emphatically expressing how the ‘New Long Lasting’ light bulb was a waste of money and how the old conventional bulbs were so much better. She rattled on behind us for about a mile. This person was so convinced that she was correct, she sounded righteous to us in her belief. She was selling her perspective on the subject with passionate intensity and was very believable. We believed we had much information on this topic, and we felt we knew better. We considered her point of view. What were the grounds of her knowledge? Did she really think she was an expert on light bulbs? At first thought, we knew she was wrong. After our egos got out of the way, it occurred to us maybe we were wrong.

The Soul Search

Soul SearchingIf we are wrong or even if we think we are right, who are we to think we know better than this woman or anyone. It is incredible how many express their opinions as absolute, giving no room for doubt or further fact-finding. It’s as if they are saying “This is the way it is and that is that!” These are fighting words, and there are plenty of wars to prove it. So why argue about what we think is right over someone else’s opinion. Forgoing some of the laws of physics, which tend to change often, we need to be mindful of our certainty.

As we pick and choose our battles about what is ‘Right’ and what is ‘Wrong’ we remember it’s a good idea to do a little soul searching first and maybe even a bit of research before we take a stand. New knowledge and discoveries are always waiting to knock us off our high-horse.

We can always share what we think we know and leave plenty of room for more knowledge and other’s free will of opinion.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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