Cherished are the Loving Hearts

messy roomA Loving Heart Attracts the Broken

There is a principle of osmosis. Scientifically speaking, it is the equalization of particles from a crowded concentration into a less crowded concentration. Kids are a great example of this. They start playing with their toys in the clean bedroom. As the bedroom becomes a mess, they will migrate into the clean living room and so on until the entire house evenly fills with toys. Much like a clean room, a strong, loving individual appears welcoming with openness and compassion. Their caring nature, like a vacuum, will attract all kinds of matter, leaving them prone to take in the difficulties of others.

loving heartA heart filled with love and kindness inevitably will attract the broken-hearted. A loving heart will also attract other loving hearts, but the effect is synergetic. Often the brokenhearted relationship can become weighty because the loving heart desires to heal the discomfort. There is indeed a responsibility that stronger individuals help mend those that are in need. Often the weight of hardship is unconsciously transferred to those who assist the less fortunate by means of osmosis.

Broken HeartChange the Focus

This effect is caused by the misguided belief that, the stronger individual is responsible for alleviating all the discomfort for those in need. This premise is not the case. A helping effort can begin with the easing of the turmoil. Once all is calmed, the loving heart needs to turn the attention away from relieving the symptoms of suffering to its cause. If we can identify the cause of a problem, the issue becomes addressed. This shift in focus will help in creating solutions uplifting the person in need back towards a stronger loving individual.

By uplifting those in need, there is an increase in strong, loving, and able individuals. Each healed heart can pay the kindness forward reversing the osmosis of suffering, creating the overflow of universal love.

  • Uplift your neighbors, and in turn, they uplift the town.
  • Raise up the town and the town will support the country.
  • Uplift a country and the entire world soon follows.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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