Harmony in Discord

Harmony in DiscordFinding Harmony in Discord

As we started our journey of 365 days of positive some of the first obstacles we faced was how to handle disharmony and troublesome issues. The appearance of dishearting difficulties has a tendency of unfolding onto the path of life. We’ve had loved ones pass, utter failures, arguments and an array of uncomfortable situations. What the heck do we do about this stuff? Here is the good part, we are thinking about it from a different perspective.

The Mind shift

Our mind shift is the thought of how do we look at apparently bad events while maintaining a positive state of being. Our answer is to experience the emotions in their fullness. With an open mind, body, and spirit we feel the entirety of the moment then find the grace. If we have a loss, we remember the memories of togetherness. If we have an argument, resolve it in ourselves and make amends. When we feel wronged, we see the others point of view, apply the correct personal justice then forgive. This is not an easy thing to do.
If happiness is the goal of being positive, then discord must be diminished with serenity.

On the stormy days, inner tranquility is the umbrella that shields our heart from the rain.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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