Follow your heart

Follow your HeartThe Heart is the Compass of a Worthy Goal

There is only one person who knows what is best for someone and that is self. Of course, while young everyone needs guidance from our families, teachers, and others mentors. At some point in life, most people can take the reins and steer their course and follow their heart.

Those who love us will always want to give advice and further guide the way. Their intentions are generally good and wish the best in life. There are also times anyone could be unsure about something and need to hear other ideas to help decided the best course of action. At the end, when a decision is made it truly needs to be a personal choice.

Listen with your heartWhen those around begin to put on undue pressure, there is only one thing to do; listen to what they say and then do what feels right. Sure, mistakes get made. Everyone can certainly learn from their blunders. When following others advice out of an agreement and a mistake gets made, the only lesson learned is to follow your heart. When success is achieved through personal power, then it is indeed a success, and still, a lesson is learned.

There is never a need to be curt or short with others as they try to give answers and opinions. Listen and learn what is usable within the dynamic of your dream or project. Sometimes others have good ideas and synergy is achieved with listening. By listening and keeping an open mind a decision can be made that feels correct.

Unless the decision directly affects the life of someone else, following one’s heart will generally lead to the intended destination. If the decision does affect another, by keeping with integrity, bonds will strengthen, and the intended goal is still reachable.

Understand and embrace mistakes. Following dreams will lead to success especially while working in unison with others. Remember to enjoy the adventure even as the journey seems to change as you go along.

As we follow our dreams to our heart’s desire, we listen, learn and have fun working in unison with others.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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