Rewiring Your Mind

circuit of the mindRewiring the Circuit

Many of our reactions to happenstance are more often habitual than deliberate. Often the same act of fate will bring about the same action effective or not. If something happens jubilant or enturbulating, the resulting activity frequently repeats over and over. The response to the reoccurring circumstance can seem outwardly pleasant, yet on the inside, the feeling is somewhat enturbulated. When this is the case, actions will be less effective. As we find our actions become less effective, it’s time to check how we feel. This observation is the indicator that it may be time for rewiring the reaction circuits, so they respond differently inside and out.

rewiring the mindOne way to do this is to think about the situation at hand differently. Sometimes we may see an incident as detrimental and apply negative emotions to it. If we took the time to reexamine the event, we might be able to assign a few positive aspects. With practice, we can learn to delay our initial reaction, review it, then try to apply something positive to a situation or find better solutions.

We empower ourselves by educating our mind. We strengthen our bodies with exercise and good eating. All these things are great. But if we do not take the time to improve our reactions to the rewiring the boardstimulus, our education is a shelf of unopened books on a dusty shelve, and our health will only extend and unhappy existence. Instead, by rewiring our reactions we can create our happiness, we can find contentment in life and enjoy everything going on around us.

Life is a sunny even on a rainy day if you peek just above the clouds.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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