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Our family ‘Get Organized’ story

Everyone has funny family stories that follow us through our lifetime.  We,  as individuals are very organized.  Our need to be organized may be somewhat obsessive at times. Also, being hard workers, it is difficult for us to move from ‘work mode’ into ‘relax mode.’  It takes us a lot of time to switch gears. So here is our family ‘Get Organized’ story.

One June some years ago when our kids were very young, we went camping.  Upon arriving at the campsite, we began pitching our tents and unpacking the food for supper.  We were all quite tired and ready to chill except one of us, Dave. He insisted that the campsite was a mess and needed more tending. He was right, the site was haphazard, and stuff was all over the place.  So with a bit of extreme frustration, he insisted we get ‘Organized.’

At the time the kids were young and had no sense of what this meant. Still, in good spirits, we straightened up the site.  All but Dave, who was somewhat annoyed that we all did not get the understanding of his obsession.  So, amidst his turmoil, our eldest daughter grunted out, ‘We got to get this place ‘Orrgaanizzed.’ We all looked at her and then Dave who started to laugh. We kept working now in better spirits. After we finished, we all looked at the site with a sense of satisfaction.  Dave was right. It needed some organization. With the campsite neatened up, making food was easy, and the campground was homelike and comfortable.

Ducks in a row and get organizedGetting all the Ducks in a Row

Having a sense of organization is essential when taking on a project. There also needs to be something to organize.  As the creation of projects progress, there is an amassment of stuff, materials, and activities.  At first, this is all very overwhelming, and things can get messy.  When things get messy is the turning point of any action.  This feeling of chaos can be the make-break point of the project. Like Dave, the master of organization, this is the time to pull up the bootstraps and get ‘Orrgaanizzed.’

Look at what is on the table and start at the most logical point.  Don’t worry about whether or not the starting point is the correct.  Things, ideas, and activity flowlines may need tweaking and adjustments to get them all into alignment. Get ready for a little frustration and some confusion.  These are all part of the process, and we should embrace them.  These feelings are road signs that lead to what needs to be worked on next.  At first getting everything in an organized manner may look more disorganized. With some intestinal fortitude, everything will find its place, and there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

In our family business, this lesson has transcended into all our activities.   As we take on a new project or even at a family outing, someone will always utter the words, ‘We have to get Orrgaanizzed.’  Each kid, now adults, has this skill and often better at it than us. As we stick with our resolve to put things into order, the picture of what we want to accomplish becomes clear, and our work becomes fun and easy.

When life gets messy and feelings are out of control… It is time to get Organized.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill


Get your duck in a row

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