All We Cannot Remember

365 Days of PositiveRemember the memory box

Sometimes as we go through our memory box, we come across a photo that we are in but do not remember when it was taken or even being there at all. Naturally, we chalk it up to having a bad memory. Then there are times when we meet someone and have had an extensive conversation. Sometime later, we run into them without a memory of who they are. What the heck? This day’s positive is our theory.

Percentages of Presence: a Theory

To some degree or another, we are living in what some call present time. When we have 100% of our focus on something we are 100% in current time. If we are not paying full attention to the moment and our mind is on something else, we might be 30% in present time. The percentage of presence is in direct proportion to the memory of the event. There have been many times when we are 0% present. Entirely somewhere else in our mind or in another time past or future. Is it Positively Herepossible? Here is a perfect example. Have you ever driven all the way home from work without any memory of the actual drive? Scary, right?

Welcome Back

In our recent studies of being mindful, it all about being in the now. When spending time in the here and now, the entire experience of what is happening in each moment rolls out like a red carpet. There is an awareness of everything that can be cherry picked then stored in the memory bank for future use.

In Search of Enlightenment

365 Days of PositiveAt this point, our interpretation of ‘being enlightened’ may be a total misunderstanding. The word enlightenment means awareness. Everyone is aware in some way or another and some more than others. In our days of being positive, we recognize the importance of our consciousness. As we search for the knowledge needed to increase our understanding of it all, we feel we will reach our goal eventually. As we journey, we can enjoy what we are doing with the added benefits of remembering more of the beautiful memories we share with our family and friends.

🗝 As we unlock our #treasure chest of #memories, let us not burn our candle at both ends. 🕯

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

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