Hold on to Your Bridges

Bridges that Close Gap

Everyone is a bridge of connection. We span from person to person like a human world wide web. When we disconnect from each other, we can sever the interconnections we share as well. For this reason, a beautiful saying was born, “do not burn your bridges.” This philosophy is easy to understand, and we can apply this from our side of the bridge by being understanding and compassionate. We can be amiable even when we disagree. Not burning one’s bridge is very doable.

The challenge is that a bridge travels two ways. What do we do when someone hurts us setting the other side of the bridge ablaze in an attempt to injure or disconnect from us?

Send Love in Response to Hate

This philosophy is the best viable response paradigm we found useful. Reply to hate with love, war with peace, and disagreement with understanding. In no way does this mean lay down and be a victim of mistreatment. Replying to hate with love is an internal reaction. It means maintaining one’s calm and compassion. Still keeping an air of respect and composure for others, we can act accordingly. Even in protecting oneself, we can often do so without harming others.


As we learn about the perspective of others, the bridges that connect us grow stronger together.

Despite all the awfulness a person can dramatize, there is never a need to respond in kind. In many cases, relationships can mend over time. History has taught us time and again. Humankind needs interconnection between each other despite distance, cultural differences or ideology. We always gravitate back to one another.

Be the bridge over troubled water offing forgiveness, peace and safety on the other side.
The lyrics are magical. link: Bridge Over Troubled Water.

This understanding will help us build new bridges. We can strengthen and repair old ones as well. We cannot forget the connections of our past if we expect to have stronger relationships now and in the future.


Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

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