Profound Buzzing of the Mind

Profound Wonder

Every day we contemplate something positive to write down that applies to our lives. We don’t always know what it will be. It is some creative idea or profound thought about how we can improve our lives or something we have noticed. Every day is so full of wonder, and there are lessons all around.

There is a steady beat of thoughts and words streaming in our heads. As we sort through them all, there is so much to talk about daily. The blessing of a curious mind can be overwhelming at times. The sometimes turbulent world around us is also full of love and positive notions. As we quiet our minds, we realize that all can be good and we are thankful to be alive and aware.


Sometimes it is better to be quiet and not so concerned about producing some profound thought or words of wisdom. It is in the quiet times that our minds speak clearest. Our journey is full of constant animation and movement. There is often a need to pull back the reins of contemplation and take a mental break.

At times it is better to be still and listen. Stop thinking and let the images of creation float freely without anticipation of any sort. So today, after this positive thought, we will take a deep breath and calm our mind.

🐝 If your mind is feeling a little Buzzy
Give it a little love and sweet honey. 🍯

Profound BuzzBe Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

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