It’s Really Kinda Simple

Keep Things SimpleSimple Thoughts

Sometimes we make things a little too complicated. We worry about what someone might think of our actions, beliefs or crazy ideas. When we start expressing our opinion, it is ultimately going to get us into trouble with someone. There are right wingers and left wingers. The number of religious tenets is hardly countable. There are infinite points of view each of our fellows has in their individual list of axioms. So with all the diversity what is a person to do? Our answer is to allow others the rights to their principles while freely having our own.

If we are happy about what we are doing and feeling every day, we are on the right track for ourselves. We have a basic rule. We do what makes us happy as long as we do not tread on the rights of others. (Even the ones we love and think we are helping if we do.)

When someone is doing something we consider is unwise, we can softly mention our thoughts and let go. If someone intervenes with our activity with a comment to the contrary, we can respectfully listen to their words. If there is any wisdom to be had, it is accepted. Otherwise, we keep moving on the current trajectory.

It is really kind of simple, if something feels good through and through, continue forward. Otherwise, we find a new path.

If something feels good inside keep moving forward.  When something feels bad inside it’s time to change course.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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