Look into Their Eyes

Eyes the window to the soulThey say that the eyes are the window of the soul. But whose eyes? It is our feeling that it is our spirit and our eyes that are in question. When we use our eyes to envision, it is our level of integrity and purity that inspires our point of view. In the observation of other people or circumstances, one must put aside all prejudices and preconceptions to see with pure clarity.

This means of observation is indeed a challenge as we grow up with other’s perspective rhetoric. Our education itself puts enough potholes in the road to make navigation a treacherous and bumpy ride. We must take a look around with an open mind to shift and sort out the truth from the fantasy for ourselves.

There are times still in our mid-life that we find that some truth clung to so dearly are totally wrong, explained incorrectly or just misunderstood. This realization is enough to prove that all our facts must get verified before any conclusions can be reasonably drawn.

As we open our eyes to allow our soul a view of the world, we sweep out the cobwebs of misconceptions and make room for the shining beautiful reality of truth.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwillduster

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