The Tides of Change

Like the ebb and flow of the current, with the tides of change, a new coast emerges.

Give a hoot don't polluteNothing ever stays the same. Things change all the time. Opinions vary as well. There was a time that littering was commonplace. After a few jingles and an awareness campaign, everyone started singing, “Give a hoot and don’t pollute. ” Now the thought of dropping garbage anywhere other than a trash can is a social faux pas.

Most people generally wear a seatbelt in the car. Speaking on a cell phone when driving is frowned upon. There have been significant social changes that improve with each upcoming generation.

Are things perfect? Absolutely not. Will things ever be perfect? Most likely not. But we can work together to get things as perfect as they can be. This is for certain.

The only real resistance will be impatience. Society is moving with a microwave mentality. Somethings move at the speed of lightning while many things still must follow the slower laws of physics.

As we look around at things that need to change or are wanting change, there will be a need for patience, understanding and most importantly compassion.

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

The tides of Change

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