Mowing the Lawn

Seeing the Green

The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence until you’re on the other side of the fence. All lawns need a thorough mowing from time to time.

It is amazing how two people raised in the same home with the same parents, food, stuff, and schooling can have two different life experiences. One may experience their youth as a magical journey full of love and fun. Each new day a lesson to be treasured. The other will see their childhood as a nightmare endured, spending the rest of their life getting over it.

The Story of Happy and Grumpy

One day, Happy is asked to go out to mow the lawn. With great excitement Happy goes into theThe lawn mower man garage to get the lawnmower. Happy thinks “Oh boy, I love this lawnmower, as it starts up after a few strong pulls.” While enjoying the smell of the freshly cut lawn, the mower hits a rock just missing Happy’s leg. Happy thinks, “Wow that was close, I am so lucky that missed me.” Happy finishes up and marvels at the lawn.

The following week Grumpy is asked to mow the lawn. Grumpy begrudgingly goes down to the garage complaining all the way. Grumpy, cringes with each crank of the lawnmower, frustrated each time it does not start. Finally, after fighting the lawnmower, it starts running. Venturing onto the lawn, Grumpy thinks, “They always make me work so hard, and it’s hot.” All of a sudden the lawnmower shoots out a rock which almost hits Grumpy. The rock startles Grumpy who freaks outs. Grumpy finally finishes up the lawn never looking back.

Our Green Grass

We love mowing the lawn. Yes, there is always the chance a stone will get thrown. We can duck and dodge. As we push our way through the tall grass, enjoying our work, we marvel along the way.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

The Grass is greener

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