One for All & All for One

The more of all, the more likely

Many thoughts start with self. ‘I am hungry,’ ‘I am tired,’ and ‘what am I doing today?’ are a few examples. However, many thoughts also include others. The inclusion of all others is especially important when planning a goal or purpose.

When dreams include all or many, there becomes an alignment with the nature of things. Goals and purposes are benign. When effects are beneficial to many, success becomes likely, and connections with others will grow. How a dream or goal effects others in the world is important.
Dreams that are mostly ego-driven could have some resistance. Too much involvement with the worry of oneself can sometimes isolate. This isolation can hide avenues from ones view that could otherwise lead to a goal or ultimate success.

Transcending Self Only

We have felt both. In our youth, some of our activities have been self-involved, our goals were good ideas and beneficial. Still, without the ingredient of inclusion, we did not feel we achieved our final goals. There were resistances placed in our path that were difficult to overcome. Our successes were unfulfilling. As we grew, our plans evolved. With a better mindset, we began reaching goals and achieving worthwhile purposes.

On our current journey, the ground is smoother; the challenges are welcome and rewarding. Though we have not reached our final destination, we can see the truth of inclusion of all in our purpose. There is a light at the end of our tunnel where once we only saw a dimly lit torch.

Great success begins with a strong cornerstone surrounded by a foundation of many cinder blocks.
The quality of our mortar determines stability in life.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

One for All All for one

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