Parents Love to Hear from Their Children

As a mother of four children, I often worry about my kids.  Not that they have ever been in any trouble. Actually, I can proudly say I was blessed with some great children with very few troublesome issues. A few years ago I was on a walk with my father and I asked him a question. When do parents stop worrying about their children? Without any hesitation, My father answered ‘I still worry about you’.  I let out a strong sigh. This was many years ago and now my children are grown up.  My father was correct, I still worry about my kids.  Now that they are grown up and busy with their own lives I miss the times when they were young and always home. My favorite moments now are when they visit or call to tell me what they are up to.

Parents love to hear from their children. They need to know they made a difference in their children’s lives. I know this because I am a mom with four children. Knowing the importance of this connection, my family and I created a website together to fulfill this need.  The site is called Personalized Treasure Scrolls. The main purpose is to keep friends and family close through constant communication.  One of our other purposes is that we wanted to work together creating an income while making a good outcome.  It is difficult to think of a better purpose than connecting individuals together with good communication. I am glad to say that I am lucky to be working with my family in this common goal to bring people together “One Scroll at a Time”.

Personalized Treasure Scrolls’ enables children to stay in touch with their parents throughout the entire year. Imagine telling your parents that you love them continuously through the year. You can tell them the effect they had on you.  We made it really easy for you to write personalized messages that can be sent in a variety of beautiful bottles throughout the year. 

What makes ‘Personalized Treasure Scrolls’ so unique?

The unique structure of Personalized Treasure Scrolls enables individuals to write and complete a full year of messages to one special person in just one visit. As each message is completed a specified month is selected for delivery. Plan an entire year of intrigue, anticipation, and surprise. Include an optional gift enhancement for special occasions. Once the messages are completed, each month the sender will enjoy the impact created for that special someone all year long.

The first message will be received with genuine heartfelt surprise. The second message will create special intrigue. By the third month, the receiver will start wondering and hoping, while waiting for another special message. Imagine the joy once the third message arrives. Months that include special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries or holidays, messages can arrive with a gift making those months even more memorable. This enjoyment will last all year long growing bonds between friends and family one treasure scroll at a time. The adventure will be remembered for a lifetime.

This is the purpose of Personalized Treasure Scrolls and what makes it so unique. Our mission is to grow bonds between individuals using ‘connection through positive and continual communication’. We are certain of the effect this will have on everyone that uses our program. Good communication will inevitably grow love and understanding between everyone.

How to send personalized messages in a bottle?
  • Write a personalized message and pick a date to send it. (there is a pre-written selection to help you)
  • Choose one of 12 colorful style bottles
  • Choose an optional enhancement or gift
  • Repeat with another message or finalize your order

It is that simple. Personalized Treasure Scrolls does the rest.

Parents love to hear from their children. Send them a message in a bottle, Send them a card. Give them a call. A family is your everything, it is your past, it is your now and your future.

Personalized Treasure Scrolls

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill.


PS. We would love to hear from you.  Send a message in a bottle and tell us the great reaction.  We would love to include it on our blog and social media.

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