Feeling the Good Vibes

Good VibesWe hear the words all the time. Giving off Good Vibes, Feel the Positive Vibes, Think Positively, Look at the Positive Solution in a problem. So how do we apply this to everyday activities that may or may not feel so wonderful? As we plug our earphones into our favorite music playlist, we need to plug ourselves into the high-frequency pulse of creativity.

In business or at work, we can use this high-frequency pulse to do the best job we can by doing each task with integrity, creativity, and effectiveness. Work can be very imaginative by finding better ways to do something which creates a feeling of enthusiasm.

Positive VibesWhile exercising or taking care of our bodies, the vibes are about the good we are doing and the future benefit of a healthy body. At first, there could be a little resistance to the idea of getting out and exercising. Finding an enjoyable activity will raise the momentum of desire to go out an do something.

When we draw, doodle, practice music, sing, dance or do any creative craft, we express the most profound imagination. Whether our talent meets our intended effect is unimportant. What is important is the feeling of joy while in the moment of inspiration.

We can easily find good vibes in anything we are doing at any time. It’s just a matter of plugging into the high frequencies of positive creation.

Plugging into the Good Vibes of a Great Day.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

Feeling the Good Vibes

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