Puzzled with Intrigue

Sometimes even when things are chaotic and random, life is still turning out good. Think of a puzzle. All the pieces which are multicolored do not make sense when first viewed in the puzzle box. Some are upside down showing brown and the others right side up showing their non-definitive colors. With deep anticipation, the challenge begins.

As we always like to do, we start with the border. Sifting through the ginormous multitude of shapes we look for all the straight edges. An advanced puzzle will have in a few with straight(ish) edges to throw us off the trail.

After sifting and sorting through all the possibilities, our puzzle starts to take shape and reveal itself. Sometimes when we begin a project, it begins much like the puzzle box. Some of the edges or boundaries are not too defined. Though it is somewhat frustrating at times, it is part of the fun.

All the time, we see people putting together some grand plans, admiring the achievements of a fantastic goal after goal. We love when we can be one of the puzzle pieces that can bring it all together. It is just as enjoyable when we find an individual or organization that fits our puzzle as well.

If anything is about connection, it is best illustrated by all the beautiful puzzle pieces we all are, coming together creating a big beautiful impression on the world.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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