The Feeling of Freedom

The key to the lock

The feeling of freedom can be fleeting when it is connected with escape. In other words, we don’t run away from problems. It is our feeling that with true freedom, there is nothing to escape from or overcome. So as we get worried about all the problems in the world that we can’t do something about, we stifle our ability to see the ones we can help. This does not mean the other problems do not affect us, it just states we try to help the best we can.

So then what is left is the question, ‘What can we do about this?’ It’s a tough one because the problem itself takes us out of the comfort zone. Often we need a little more power for the answer. Yet there is always something that can be done. If we can help the problems or issues in our vicinity, the effect can trickle outward, and our scope can increase to others or more significant issues. In our true freedom, problems are not the cage but instead the key to the lock.

Small Steps to Big Freedom

At first, we can counter poverty by not being wasteful. We can counter war with love for humanity. We can oppose hate with understanding. As we practice these exercises doors to freedom open up. As these doors open, the something we can do about a problem reveals itself out of the confusion. Then we are free to take gentle action.

When we get too concerned about who is right or wrong, our perspective can get in the way of the solutions. Instead, we get finger-pointing, and that only leads to more finger-pointing. In the feeling of freedom, we can allow ourselves to see the other point of view.

Still, not everything has a correct or right side. With understanding and compassion, universal ethics can be reasonably applied, giving us back our unconditional freedom in the form of satisfaction and happiness.

Each day we can Be Right, Be Wrong or Be Happy. We can be happy even when we are right or wrong, and there is freedom in that.

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