The ABC’s of Positive

Now I Know My ABC’s

ABC's of Positive
When we are young and start out learning our language, we start with learning the alphabet or our ABC’s. We sing a song as we memorize each letter in order often slurring LMNOP.

At this point, we do not know that these sounds are individual characters that form words because we don’t know that words can be spelled out on to paper. Still, we sing the song with faith and dedication because we feel it is essential. It is only some years later that we learn the significance of the exercise as we learn about words.

The practice of being positive is much the same. As we struggle with the concept, we have our doubts that one could be positive all the time. We ask ourselves trying questions. What if there is a tragedy? How do I handle a loss? How can I be cheerful and positive in the light of troublesome circumstances? Well, the answer is, of course, you cannot be merry, but you can be positive.

Next time will you sing with me

In the beginning, we start by being purposely positive, sometimes we feel it, and other times it is forced. Just as with the ABC’s, we are not aware of the destination. As we learn from ourselves, a new understanding develops, such as words we learn in school. Soon the practice has a purpose and use. We use our new tool to be strong during times of trouble or despair. The practicality of it comes to light.

As we continue our practice of 365 Days of Positive, our journey expands into the knowledge that we can have sadness, we can have happiness, and we can create the kind of world we want to live in throughout our life.

We’ve built bridges that span miles, explored the moon & solar system.
We’ve just begun to know our true potential.
It all started with our ABC’s.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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