The Camera’s Eye

Camera's eyeLife Seen through our Camera’s Eye

A photograph is seldom as delightful as the picture in our mind. Often we find ourselves enjoying a pleasant moment through the camera’s eye forgetting to experience it first hand. Moments are better spent through the eyes of our mind. Not that we are knocking the activity of taking a picture. We love going through our family album remembering all the beautiful times we have had. Although sharing photographs with others is fun, the memory of the experience cannot transcend the Kodachrome on the vellum. This is why it is essential to enjoy moments in the spirit as well as in still images.

Our theory of total experience

Walking down the boardwalk of Jones Beach, we were observing the beautiful flora covering the rolling sand dunes. The breeze was blowing the tall grass and cattails which flowed back and forth. The movement was like a metronome keeping time to the beautiful music of the breaking waves. The effect was incredibly calming and inspired the emotion of heavenly bliss. As we observed this beautiful nature, Wendy said, “This is why the memory of such beauty can’t be captured on a photograph.” As all our senses experienced this remarkable image, it was as if our spirit was in touch with everything we could see across the dunes.

Family AlbumWhen we are in the total experience of the moment, seeing, feeling and sensing, it is as if we are absorbing it with our entire self. Good or bad, our absorption keeps the moment with us, easily recalled, as if we are reviewing our old family albums.

While we continue to enjoy our life experiences, we will open our minds to cherish all the available elements in every precious moment.

That experienced in total self-awareness, stays in the heart, easily plucked by the spirit like a beautiful bouquet of memories.

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

The Camera Eye, one of our favorite Rush songs.

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