Simply Delicious and Satisfying

Italian iceA delicious getaway

There is a favorite hot spot in our town during the summer. Often we find ourselves at the local Italian ice parlor. It is called Ralph’s Italian Ices. Here we can purchase a treat made of simple ice and delicious juicy flavor. Each scrumptious spoonful knocks our socks off during a hot summer day.

Sitting quietly, we nurse the cup of fantastic goodness, careful not to get brain freeze. With each scoop, our mind is clear of all others thoughts except, of course, the next spoonful.

Boy this sounds like a commercial

Dave and Wendy Delicious PopsWith ease, we could express such enjoyment in any activity that gives us such pleasure and happiness. Maybe we could use the same state of mind to get through a rough spot. But today we will not worry about tomorrows harrowing efforts and set aside a moment of bliss with yummy flavored ice.

Enjoy the simple things in life.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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