The Lovely Details of Advancing Society

Our Advancing Society

Advancing SocietyIn the morning on the way to work, we were having an exciting conversation that led to this thought of appreciating our fantastic advancing society. There are so many little things we take for granted and we need to have an appreciation. In our advancing society, many conveniences are expected.  We forget there are individuals, organizations and agencies managing these forgotten benefits.

A Rubbish Free Life

For instance, every Monday and Friday we drag our garbage to the curb. Magically, the garbage cans empty, and the trash is gone. Not really, some individuals work for the town or city that shows up for work and empty every trash can on the route. Then there is an organization that manages the workers and the plant that disposes of an incredible amount of trash. A government agency funds this action by collecting taxes from the residents who share in the expense. The residents often work for the money to pay for the cost so they can enjoy the convenience of not having to dispose of garbage.

Smooth Driving

Every day on the way to work we drive on a smooth parkway. Along the roadside is a menagerie of signs which instruct speed limits, directions, and sometimes road conditions. It is really quite amazing.

In addition to the above, we add on the benefit of clean, reliable water, constant electric, and WiFi internet which is available almost everywhere.

The Convenience Stores

All these remarkable advantages in our advancing society make food, clothing and many other retail stores possible. We live within two to seven miles from stores, salons, restaurants and many different types of shops. Most are in walking distance.

It all Comes Together

KaleidoscopeLike a kaleidoscope, each of these conveniences encircles in our advanced technological civilization. Each affecting each other in infinite patterns which give us clean, beautiful parks, Smooth roads and bridges, safe borders and so much more. All these things get built, kept and maintained by reliable individuals.

It is almost unimaginable to think of life without this benefits, yet some people on this planet live without any of the above. Keeping this in mind, we remember that we are not entitled to have a wonderfully convenient life. This prosperity is a blessing, and we appreciate it with all our heart.

In a bountiful world, we have a lot to appreciate and we do.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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