The Reason to be Reasonable

Do we reason or react? That is the question.

For some reason, the idea of being reasonable has gotten a bad rap. Many believe it is because some see it as a sign of indecisiveness. Each feels the need to stand one’s ground and stick to ideas and rules without wavering.  Being reasonable does not mean giving in to others.

Look at the word.  It has the phrase REASON.  To reason is to think about something and have an understanding of it and then a conclusion. Once we think about something, we can decide if it fits our values or not. When we are reasonable, we are thoughtful of others considerations. It tests our integrity. If we are sensible and open our mind to the thoughts of others without prejudgement, we can then change our mind without worrying about wounding the ever-present ego.

Every day we have a choice to reason or react. We chose to maintain a sense of reason and be reasonable. We will be enabled to be flexible and to change our mind when a better course of action presents itself.

The way we react to a new idea will determine our reasonable sense of integrity.


Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

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