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Compassion in the Media

Sometimes it may seem that many people have lost their sense of compassion. This lack of care is only in appearance. Caught in the rat race of survival, we sometimes forget to slow down and see if everyone around us is okay. Given the opportunity, we have witnessed, most people will happily shed their outer veneer and show their pure heart. When someone calls for help, many often answer their cry.

Although we must search for acts of altruism and goodwill in the news, these stories exist like jewels hidden in the mountain. We are all beginning to change the status quo to a more pleasant and caring world. This mass group effort is making a difference. If each of us can keep doing our part spreading inspiring and positive communication into the world, the walls of adversity will undoubtedly come tumbling down.

We will certainly do our part in this effort by sharing positivity 365 days a year, every year.

There may not be a silver lining to every cloud, but there is always the hope of sunshine after a stormy day.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

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