The Strongest Thoughts of the Day

As I lay me down to sleep my strongest thoughts are mine to keep

Some say that there are two dominant thoughts in the day, the first thought in the morning and the last one just before falling asleep. This concept does not imply that some of the considerations during the day do not carry a wallop.

When we wake up, our first thoughts can make a big difference in all the rest that follow. Waking up with the idea that you can take on the world, handle anything that comes your way and will find a fantastic opportunity will undoubtedly give you strength, endurance, and drive. A different thought is, ‘God, please don’t let anything go wrong.’ This ponderance could leave a sinking feeling in your throat weakening your spirit.

The Quarterback

So how does the last thought of the day come into play? It is the setup for the first thought of the day. Think of the final impression of the day as a quarterback on a football team. If he knows the play and passes the ball with his best thought, to the player with the best potential to make a touchdown, he is going to lead the team to victory. If your last idea of the day is in alignment with what you want in life, you pass the impression to your mind. You think about it throughout the night while your body does its job restoring itself for a new day. Pass the mind a positive thought just before sleep and good feelings in the morning will present themselves. Pass the mind doom and gloom, well you get the idea.
We are not experts in this field but are students of this philosophy. If by chance we are incorrect on the theory or workability of this application, it certainly cannot hurt to have a positive thought at night and a positive thought upon waking. We plan to.

With a little pixie dust and a happy thought, you can fly and reach the sky.
What is your happy thought

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

Dream you can fly

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