Who Owns the Moon?

There are races we should run together

The other day we were watching ‘Hidden Figures.’ It is a movie about some of the women that helped move the NASA space program forward in reaching the moon and the challenges we faced as a society. Unfortunately, at the time and still today we have some of the same problems to overcome together. These women are fantastic, and there are not enough words to express their incredible accomplishments.

The movie was also about the race to space and the moon. The competition was between the Soviet Union (USSR) and the United States of America (USA). Each country was trying to be the first to reach space. As we watched, our thought was, it would have been better if the two nations pooled their resources and creative intelligence. It would have been quicker and safer to go into space and land on the moon.

Pride in Unity

Even with the sense of pride to be the first to achieve such a magnificent accomplishment, it still would have been a stellar achievement for humankind if we worked together. The feat would also include unity and cooperation between each other. History may have been different and full of humanity and celebration for everyone on Earth.

No one can own the moon. It is our relationships that shape the quality of our lives. Being first is okay when running a race or in friendly competition. In achieving peace and prosperity for all humankind, not so much. These are the things we have to do together. We see the tides turning and more cooperation with each other, but there still needs to be more if we are to overcome our differences.

We can achieve anything we imagine in our thoughts. Together we can make it better, stronger, and faster.


When a team wins the game, the trophy goes to everyone.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

Reach the moon

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