Learning Love from our Pets

The pet people

There are dog people, cat people, bird people, and critter people. For those that do not have or want pets, there can still be an understanding of the love of pets. Why would someone want to take care of an animal? Pets are messyBunny some smelly and often mischievous. There is a lot of attention and expense in owning a pet as well. The answer is love. We love our pets, and we feel they love us back. Whether or not little critters feel love, it is certain that larger pets do.

Dogs & cats being a popular pet choice and since we have dogs & cats ourselves, this will be the focus. Anything said about them can be said about other sentient animals as well. There is an overwhelming amount of joy in the heart when we are spending time with our pets. Each has its personality. They like to play and snuggle. The affection they return is unconditional. We can learn something from our little friends.

A Lesson in Unconditionality

DogThe concept of this form of unconditionality is never expecting anything back in return. It is a never-ending flow of love and acceptance despite any shortcomings. The reason for this acceptance is there are no imperfections in the eyes of our pets. They only see us. What they see, who knows. But it must be pretty good because they seem to like us for who we are.

We take this lesson with us as we accept and understand those around us. We can have unconditional love for our fellow man, even if he makes a mess or acts mischievously. If there is a need to apply discipline, we can do it with restraint and understanding. When we express love in our humanity, we become love. Everything else responds in kind.


When your dog looks deep into your eyes and you are sure is thinking, ‘WOW what a great human.’🐶
Maybe the thought is ‘Can I have some bacon too?’ 😉

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill


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