10 Steps to Positive Living

Positive Happy sunThis positive list appears again and again through the ages. As we listen to each inspirational speaker new or from generations past, we hear it over and over. Each time heard but using different terminology. However, each time maintaining its everlasting meaning. We write it here yet again because we feel the truth and find it essential to our happiness as well.

Positive Living

      1. Desire more for others than you want for yourself. Give to others more than you expect to receive in return.
      2. Live as if you have already achieved your dreams. Be grateful for your desires as if you already have them.
      3. Be thankful for everything that you already possess. Always have the highest regard for all possessions owned. If an item no longer has value, pass it along to someone in need so that others can be appreciative as well.
      4. Be the source of positive and creative energy. Be thoughtful of every action making sure it is in harmony with all life. Make all activities agreeable to yourself before taking any actions.
      5. Avoid thoughts and actions that stifle your dreams. Every negative, unkind, jealous or mean thought or feeling will create emotional resistance to life. It is better to forgive others than to feel unending hurt.
      6. Envision a state of abundance, health, and happiness exclusive to personal design. Only make allowances when in 100% agreement.
      7. Practice allowing things to exists. Try to understand others points of view even if in disagreement. Allow others freedom to be themselves. Use self-consciousness as a guide towards making correct choices and steering away from danger.
      8. Enjoy every moment of life in a state of everlasting amazement. Life has a start and an end. This duration is called a lifetime. In the end, there is only the sum of experiences and memories.
      9. Seek solutions to difficulties. A problem will never resolve with blame. Troubles belong to everyone. All must take responsibility and find honest answers and fair judgments for any wrongdoing.
      10. Be in a constant state of gratitude. Every day good or bad is a blessing. Enjoy the good days and learn from the bad.

Sometimes when something is stated again, again and again…
It is still true!

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill
Even bumble bees stop and smell the roses

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