On a Scale from One to Ten

The Emotional Scale

The Happy Scale

If every consideration had a contrary perspective, then there can be a measurement to gauge the opposing viewpoint. One of the ways to calculate a choice or decision is emotion. If happy is a 10 and helpless is a 1. Then the feelings between could be measured to one degree or another on a scale from 1 to 10. For example, an angry emotion could be a 4. Angry is better than helpless but not nearly as good as happy.

Happy FaceWhen we think of more comprising considerations, the scale becomes an excellent tool to measure how one is feeling. All creative and inspiring thoughts would be up in the 8 – 10 area. Stifling emotions would be down around 3 or 5. There is good news about having bad feelings. Each is a warning that can direct us back on the correct road much like a road sign that tells us it is time to exit the current highway.

The Weight of a Heavy Heart

It is easy to weigh our choices using a scale from one to ten. If the emotions are hovering higher on the scale, it is most likely a right decision. On the other hand, if feelings are lower on the scale and there is a pit of despair in one’s stomach, there is a good chance that it is time to reconsider.

We must keep in mind that self-serving motivations may feel right to us, but if there is doubt, the choices may not be for the greater good. By looking in the mirror, we can make sure we are happy with the individual staring back. Our honest self-examination is the most difficult pill to swallow but will serve us better than an outside opinion every time.

All day we make decisions that direct our lives. Our emotions tell us how we feel about them. As we are learning to embrace them honestly, we can answer to the most crucial person in our life. OURSELVES.


We can only be honest with ourselves even when trying to ignore our true feelings


Be Well, Have Gratitude, and Spread Goodwill

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