A Celebration of the Faiths

FAITHDriving down the road, we saw a bumper sticker with the word Coexist in funny little symbols. Some of the symbols represented the most common religious faiths as far as we know. The other symbols represented a few of the less popular views of faith, and a few touched on a couple of controversial topics, none of which is topical to us.

The point that this little graphical statement brought to our mind is all the different structural faiths there are in the world. There are probably many we are unaware of worldwide, yet have a stronghold in many other cultures.

It is the word that sparked our interest. How can we Coexist? Personally, we find ourselves considering this quandary daily. Not because we do or do not believe in any given form of worship. With 4200 religions in the world, it all can become very overwhelming on how to grow the concept of coexistence.

But, as we look at each of these religious sects, at the core of most of them are universal human virtues. These timeless values are repeated over and over and in agreement for the standard principles of behavior.

Universal Human Virtue

– Value and care for all life
– Respect our home, Earth
– Have a benevolent nature
– Have compassion and love your fellows and all living things
– Be generous and share
– Have integrity, be honest and sincere
– moderation in everything
– Be in service to all life
– Be peaceful

For sure, if we could all agree and share these common fundamental values, everything else would fall right into place. Our dream is to one day wake up to a world where the thought of judging anyone about their spiritual beliefs is unheard of.

Living in a world where the next human evolutionary step is COEXISTENCE will be one of mankind’s greatest accomplished journeys ever.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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