Elements of Creativity

Elements of CreationPeople are creating all the time. What they are creating is entirely up to them. When we look at artists who express their view of the world on canvas, paper or other media, we gaze in astonishment. Some works of art stagger the imagination. The same can be said for creativity expressed in film, music or even in creating a business, garden or whatever drives someone to make something that did not exist before.

As we meet some of these amazing individuals, we have learned that they are much the same art and Musicas anyone else we have had the pleasure to meet, less a few excentric difference. So what is it that sets them apart? We believe the fundamental difference is the desire to follow the urge to make something out of nothing with a sense of relentless passion.

All around us are the raw materials of pure creation. Earth, Water, Air, and Fire are four essential physical elements. Blended with the fifth element called love, energy, affinity or gravity, we become majestic creators. When we open our minds to the power of love for what we want to create, the imagination flows freely as we envision the pathway to creation.

Creative Juices of Life


We have found the easiest way to get the creative energies flowing is with a sense of ease and vision. When creativity is forced the power can get tangled in frustration and angst. By seeing the end product in our mind, we envision having or completing our desire. With the redirection of our thoughts, we find avenues open up that help lead to our current goal.

Yes, there still needs to be discipline and effort. Nothing gets completed without personal ethics and motivation. It is how we use our work-ethic that determines the outcome.

Art of businessMusicians practice hours a day. Artists hone their skills sketch after sketch. Entrepreneurs seldom tire from work. Authors articulate their imagination on to blank page after blank page until a novel appears. These are just a few examples of creative discipline. All these disciplines require the flow of energy combined with the magical blend of our physical world.

We are all creators, all we need do is look into our heart for our next realization.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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