Recipe of Diversity

Diversity on Earth

Cultural_diversityEarth is the mixing bowl for the perfect recipe of diversity. There may be some divine purpose to why there is such a diversity of life on earth. Each lifeform magically linked to another to create a balance of serenity. On the other hand, maybe the variety is for fun.

We would like to think the later. If the vast array of lifeforms is a result of fun creativity, we can then all join in the fun.
When we think about the human race, we can count three or four types depending on the doctrine of the day. But the human race is solely based on the current gene pool which is apparency. The three types of races delineated for humankind divide out to thousands of ethnicity that can quickly identify the origin of ancestry. Physically on a genetic level, there is only one human gene pool. If each race of humans were genetically different, procreation would be an impossibility. So if we consider this, then there is only one human race, and we can call it earthling. The fun part is earthlings are a fantastic array of ethnicity.

Ingredients Well Blended

It would be so dull if we all looked the same. If all the trees were elms and all the vegetables were carrots, nature would be disinteresting. Maybe the creative force that created all life is a chef. The chef, a master of randomity, constituted a recipe book of limitless creative possibilities.

Just under the wrapper, all humankind is muscle, bones, and organs. Our external wrapper is a rare creation that is continually put back into the mixing bowl as each unique version comes into the world. Like snowflakes, no two lifeforms are precisely alike nor are they so different we cannot know them. That is the spectacular magic gifted to us from a higher source.

The world is a mixing bowl of never-ending diversity, creation, and life. We are extremely grateful to be one of the ingredients.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill


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