A Place Called Happy

Happy Town

happy townIf there were a town called Happy, we would love to visit it offend. The moment we passed over the town line, the only emotion possible would be contentment. There is such a place, and it lives in our heart. We can freely enter the town anytime we like. Just like deciding to go for a drive, all we need do in open our heart and let the feeling flow.

Happiness is a calm sense of satisfaction in life when goals, purposes, and passions are in correct alignment. The momentary feelings of sadness flow and ebb in and out of our lives. The impact of these sad emotions softened with the support of our happy and loving memories.

When others are dismayed or unhappy, it is not our place to join them in their despair. It is our purpose to support them with our inner strength. When we hold our position of support, like moths to a lit candle, we can attract friends, colleagues, and family back into the light.

Mostly we have a responsibility to ourselves to live in a happy place as much as possible. We do not starve ourselves when others are hungry, we get them food. We do not leave our home when others are homeless, we create ways to get people home. So why be unhappy when others around us are not happy? It is better to lead others to a more satisfied or content state of mind.

As we strive to remain in our calm, happy and compassionate state of mind, we can help ourselves well. When we improve ourselves, we can in-turn reach our hand out to help others too.

Sharing yourself at your best inspires the best in others.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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