17 Seconds of Happy Thoughts

Happy ThoughtsPower in Happy Thoughts

We’ve found that there is scientific truth to how the next 17 seconds of thought will affect our lives. Similar to electrical circuitry, the brain fires current through neutrons that send and receives signals in response to surrounding stimuli. The strength of the signal affects the energy in response and the effectiveness. Thoughts can increase or diminish the power. Happy thoughts increase the power while sad thoughts drain it.

Gloom to Zoom

Having many negative thoughts tend to drain energy. The pessimistic thinking seems to bring on the emotion of sadness, depression, and exhaustion. While in a despondent state, actions become less effect and reaction time slows. Activities can then take extra effort.

Events during the day can have an effect that brings on negative and positive feelings. The circumstances cannot change. Many factors create them. Our reaction can be monitored. As observers, we cannot help the effect in one way or another. As we feel our emotion fall into a saddened state, we can do something about it. Think happy thoughts.

When we start to feel the downward slope, we can catch the fall with one happy thought or give thanks for something we love or appreciate. Holding it for 17 seconds begins an upward trend in energy. Even if an event is sad or dangerous, we require all our facilities running as close to one hundred percent as possible to be more effective.

Think blissful

Think BlissfulThis activity takes a bit of practice but is well worth the effort. Since it is scientifically proven, why not put it to work. So we hold a pleasant thought for 17 seconds at a time and change our world 17 seconds at a time.

For the next 17 seconds, think of something wonderful and feel the power.

Be well, Have Gratitude, and Spread Goodwill.

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