A Different Point of View

Changing our Point of View

View from the riverWe had the fantastic opportunity to kayak down the Batten Kill River. While standing on the river’s edge, the view that dominated was the beautiful and clean flowing water. As we peered into the water, there was silt, stones, fish, and leaves floating past. Even as we stepped into the river, our attention was still on the calm water flowing by as the soft current washed against us. Although this viewpoint was gorgeous, this vision was one of many possible views.

Floating down the creek of the Batten Kill River, gave us a unique view of the shore. In our kayak, we became part of the energy of the current of the stream. The picture changed dramatically as the banks of the river were exposed. The tree roots twisted around the bedrock, adjacent roots, and dark mud creating a beautiful network of unique designs. Branches reached out over the water like small canopies giving cooling shade, and wildlife scurry uncovered from their secret hiding places.

With all this magical energy, we realized that all these wonders were always present. The view masked from our prior perspective. All we needed to do was to look at the river from a different angle.

Sometimes when we look at our life from the same shoreline, we can miss other hidden treasures just a head turn away. Opening our minds to ideas, opinions or perspectives gives a full picture which can lead us down the river to an enriched life.

Sometimes a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery clears the mind and soothes a weary spirit

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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