Accumulated Knowledge

Books of KnowledgeA Life of Accumulated Knowledge

Everything studied, learned, and experienced becomes accumulated knowledge. Even when we think we forgot something, with a little reminder, the knowledge easily returns. Physical existence is also a product of memories and knowledge.

There is a scientific study which proves that a human body or any life form’s body completely replaces itself over time. This regeneration includes all the cells of organs, muscles and the entire nervous system. Every new cell created contains a total memory of the old cell. The cell whether a skin, stomach or muscle knows precisely what to do the moment of¬†generation.

Even the mind seems to change as life travels through its physical lifetime yet can retrieve memories as we require Accumulated Knowledgethem. As children, we love to watch cartoons and play with teddy bears. As adolescence, interest change, teddy bears, and childhood toys are stored away. New activities of a young adult get our attention. Adulthood is reached and going to parties every weekend turns into the desire to start a family and related activities. Still, we embrace the memories of every experience with joy as we relive them in our minds.

The mind and body changes but the knowledge grows, and countless memories get stored. Life is about learning and experiencing new things and enjoying all of our accumulated knowledge.

We do not have to rehash the errors of the past over and over. Nor do we need to relive our victories as the final goal. Recall the lessons learned from each moment and rejoice that we are better for them all.

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