Dreaming Possibilities

Possibilities or a Pipe DreamPossibilities or a Pipe Dream

Every success story starts with a ‘Once upon a time.’ Each fantastic success story is someone’s former pipe dream. The vision is told by a dreamer to many people who doubted its possibility. The doubters called it a pipe dream and said it will never happen that way. However, the dreamer kept dreaming refusing to wake up.

Someone imagined a visit to the moon. Many people said it would never happen. Another envisioned an entire computer in one small phone. Most thought it was impossible. All those that were so doubtful, now carry a tiny computer phone that can display an image of the moon landing on the screen.

Dreaming the PossibilitiesEach day we wake up from our slumber to start our dream. We create our dream with the goal envisioned in our mind. Some days are a nightmare and other days are a rainbow of glory. We welcome each version for lessons and new strides.
Merrily we create and check our results. The things that we do that work well we repeat. The things that do not work well we learn from.

Lay down the pipe daily and keep dreaming on. There is not one successful action that never begun. Failure does not exist until its bittersweet surrender.

Dream On

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread GoodwillDreams Come True

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