Plans, Goals, and Purpose

Reaching goalsBeing On Purpose

There is a fundamental need for an alignment of goals and purpose when creating plans. For instance, if a primary purpose is to have a neat lawn, then the goal would be, ‘mow the lawn Saturday.’

The plan could be as follows:

  • Take the lawn mower out of the shed
  • Fill it with gas
  • Start the lawn mower
  • Cut the lawn
  • Empty the grass clipping
  • Turn off the mower
  • Put it back in the shed

This list is an end to end plan to get the lawn mowed, it achieves the goal of cutting the grass on Saturday, and fulfills the primary purpose of ‘having a neat Lawn.’ Of course, there could be more activity added to the plan depending on the extent of the purpose and associated goals.

Find it on Google‘Google It’

There are many texts on this topic, and it is worth looking into it and getting these skills under the belt of abilities. Without these necessary skills, getting from point A to point B could turn into a roller coaster ride through the entire alphabet.

Each day we practice the alignment of this trifecta. Somedays each of ours aligns perfectly, and we feel the effect of a very successful day. Someday, when our actions are not entirely on point, we can feel the struggle in our production. The outcome of the day is usually in direct relation to the alignment. It is always our intention to structure our activities in a way that aligns all three. When we don’t, we struggle, but when we do, things go mighty fine.

To hit the bullseye, we must throw all our darts at the right target.


Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread GoodwillAlign Your Shot to fulfill your purpose

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