Be the Ocean

SunriseDuring our reflections of the upcoming new New Year, the magnitude of thought and actions necessary to achieve goals is a strong consideration.

It is easy to get too focused on the small daily actions which are often important routines of the day. When we give a lot of significance to these tasks, they can eat us alive like a great white shark in a vast ocean of opportunity.

Great White SharkTo help us get past this obstacle, the bigger picture needs to be ever present in our mind. From a distance, tasks can take on a broader meaning enabling us to push through each with efficiency and craft. By no means are we suggesting we ‘Glaze the Donut.’ Everything we do is important to the final outcome and deserves respect.

The higher intention is to focus in on the final outcome and trim activities to there highest effectiveness. As we gage our view in the upcoming year, we will keep the integrity of our purpose while giving proper significance to every new task.

ocean waveWhen given a choice to be the big fish in the pond or a great white shark in the ocean, we choose to be the Ocean.

Enjoy the soft sandy shoreline, have fun floating upon the calm water’s edge.  But every once in a while jump in the ocean and create a few new waves.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill.

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