Being Grateful at Every Meal

graceIn many parts of the world, most have the privilege of eating a few miraculous times a day. Other than sleep, survival is predicated on eating and drinking. This makes them two of the most important activities that we do. Our entire life is actually structured around these incredible necessities. Without them, we would perish.

Thank YouBack in the day, and still today many say grace before they eat. Each thankful for the meal in front of them, they bless the food about to be consumed. With a thankful heart, the food would be enjoyed, savored and appreciated with every bite.

Often in our busy lives, we take for granted the little things that impact our lives in amazing ways. In a world that also includes so many less fortunate people, we should be doubly appreciative. A strong appreciation for all we have allows us to be magnanimous. If we are students of positivity and good energy, being grateful for every meal can only be a good idea.

If we are to stay positive in all we do, having an appreciation for everything is quintessential.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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